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The Top 5 Guided Tours

 - Your guide to the best experiences along the Hardangervidda National Park Route.

Gain some historic insights on one of our guided tours this summer.

Almost 70 years ago, the heroes of Telemark followed this trail on their way to blow up Vemork and prevent Hitler from developing the heavy water atom bomb.

- gives you an insight into how the machinists worked, and how the upper classes lived in luxurious cabins when travelling by railway to Rjukan during the time when Norsk Hydro was established.

In the summer you can join a guided tour around Rjukan. You will get an insight into how the town was constructed a 100 years ago. The tour is with "Snutebussen" from 1956.

Take a guided tour on the Møsvatn lake by the ferry M/B Fjellvåken from Skinnarbu to Hovd Island with its beautiful Møsstrond Church.

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