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Gaustatoppen and Gaustabanen (cable car)

 - Your guide to the best experiences along the Hardangervidda National Park Route.

Gaustatoppen and Gaustabanen (cable car)

Gaustatoppen reigns supreme over Rjukan with its summit 1883 metres above sea level. Inside the mountain, you will find Gaustabanen (cable car) that will easily and quickly carry you to the summit. 


See one-sixth of Norway from Gaustatoppen! On a clear day, Gaustatoppen has Norway's most magnificent panoramic view! Take the journey on foot, or take the cable car inside the mountain! 

The journey to the summit

The recommended route to Gaustatoppen is from Stavsro (1100 metres). Follow the fv 651 from Tuddal or Rjukan. Right next to the municipality border you will see a large parking area and the cafeteria Stavroshytta. This is where the 5 km hike to the summit begins. Estimated time is 2 hours each way.

As you approach the summit, the views become better and better, and you will see the mountains in Telemark, Buskerud, and Oslomarka in the distance.

The last part of the hike is to the north and offers a magnificent view in all directions, especially of Hardangervidda, which unfolds in the west. 

Gaustabanen (cable car)

Gaustabanen consists of a battery driven car on a cable that carries passengers approximately 860 metres horizontally up inside the mountain.

Right in the centre of the mountain there is a station, with an angled shuttle line  of 1040 metres that rises to 1800 metres above sea level. 

From the top, there is an exit to the so-called Tuddalstippen, situated right under the Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin. 

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