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Route 1:

Tom Tom ov2
Tom Tom itn

Route 1 starts at Heddal by Heddal Stave Church, one of Norway's greatest tourist attractions. The journey continues along the E-134, past Ørvella to Sauland. At Sauland, the route turns onto the fv 651 towards Rjukan.

The first passage over the mountain, from Sauland towards Tuddal, goes through a number of woods and valleys, along lakes and rocky landscapes. The scenic landscape makes this a magnificent experience.

Arriving at Tuddal, a visit to Tuddal Bygdetun (village square) is a must before the journey continues across the mountain, up the hills towards Rjukan. The second half of the fv 651 crosses a magnificent mountain landscape, open and mighty. Along the road is Stavsro; the starting point for a journey to the top of the Gaustatoppen and the special Gaustabanen cable car inside the mountain. The mountain wall meets the rv 37 in a spectacular way as the narrow road twists down the steep mountainside.  

Having arrived in Rjukan, there are a whole host of sights waiting to be discovered. The town and its architecture offer a unique experience. In addition, Rjukan has greater attractions such as Krossobanen (cable car) and the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum on Vemork. 

From Rjukan, the road twists up along the mountain side. High above the town you may be lucky enough to see the Rjukan Waterfall cascade down the mountainside; but even without the full force of the water, its mighty gorge is an impressive sight. During the summer the local play, "Marispelet", is performed in the area. 

The road continues via a tunnel inside the mountain in the direction of Rauland. The journey passes through a majestic landscape to the ferry M/B Fjellvåken. In the future there will also be a Hardangervidda National Park Centre at Skinnarbu. The journey goes through a nature reserve. After approximately half an hour along this scenic route, you will pass Vierli Tourist Centre, and later the traditional scenery of Austbø, before you arrive at the centre of Rauland. A visit at Rauland will provide a memorable experience, either you choose to enjoy the local culture at the Rauland Art Museum or the Rauland Academy, or you may prefer an activity-filled holiday in the varied and unique natural landscape of the area.  

From Rauland, you will leave the rv 37 and turn onto the rv 362, heading towards Haukeligrend. On the way out of Rauland you will pass more traditional scenery in Haddland, before you reach a fantastic view of the Totak lake. This part of the journey is simply magnificent, with narrow roads that wind past mountains and along the lake. Along the road there are also special sights such as the barrows Myllarheimen and Urdbøuri.

The tourist route ends in Edland, where you will turn back onto the E-134 and continue the journey towards mountains, fjords and the West Country.

Route 2:

Tom Tom ov2
Tom Tom itn

Route Alternative 2 also start by the stave church in Heddal. From Heddal, follow the E-134 to Ørvella. At Ørvalla, take the rv 37. 

From Ørvella to Rjukan the road winds through a picturesque pine forest, with the majestic Tinn lake nearby. You will pass historic sites such as Tinnoset and Mæl Station, with their stories of Rjukanbanen and the golden era of the industrial society. You will also see the memorial plaque commemorating the act of sabotage in Rudsgrend. The scenery along the route is spectacular at this time of year, with a magnificent view of the Tinn lake and the mighty Gaustatoppen.

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