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Kvennavegen, Møsstrond

- Experience Hardangervidda 

Skal du på høyfjellscruise med Fjellvåken til Mogen Turisthytte? Ta en tur på Kvennavegen!

Kvennavegen, Møsstrond

The grandparent's favourite! 

Enjoy the sound of a cascading waterfall and take a high mountain ferry cruise to a village without road access. 1,9 km. Difficulty: easy

Walks in a village with no road access

An easy hike for the whole family – a favourite with grandparents! Easily accessible and easy to combine with a day trip with the Fjellvåken ferry, and lunch or a night spent at the Mogen Tourist Cabin. Enjoy the sounds of the river and the cascading waterfall at Kvenna. Listen to "the listening post" where local voices will describe what life is like "where no one would have thought anyone could live" in the mountain village Møsstrond without road access.

Hike Description

The hike starts at the Mogen Tourist Cabin. From there, follow the village road towards Argehovd, where a graval road leads to a wooden walkway on the left-hand side in the direction of the river Kvenna. The wooden walkway will allow you to keep out of the wet across the marshes. You will arrive at the magnificent rocky landscape at Kvenna. In a small bay you will find a perfect spot for bathing – ideal for a fresh dip on a sunny day. Along the way you will learn about the life at Møsstrond through the ages from information boards and the "listening post".

How to get to Kvennavegen

The starting point for the hike is by the Mogen Tourist Cabin, in the village of Møsstrond, without any road access. It can be reached by the ferry Fjellvåken, which travels from Skinnarbu (by the rv 37, between Rjukan and Rauland) in the summer season. The ferry timetable - Fjellvåken

From the centre of Rauland: Follow the rv 37 in the direction of Rjukan. After 26,5 km take the left-hand exit towards the dock at Skinnerbu. Park on the dock. Pay the parking fee (in cash) in the box and place the receipt visibly in the car. 


  • Season: the end of June to early September, when the Fjellvåken ferry is in operation
  • Difference in height: 16 metres (936-920 metres above sea level)
  • Terrain: graval path, wooden planks and rocks. Easily accessible, flat and easy to walk

Map: Hardangervidda Sør-Øst 1: 60 000

"Where no one would believe anyone could live"

On this hike you will experience one of the highest mountain villages in the country: Møsstrond. It has approximately 150 permanent residents, of which about 40 live without any road access. Several are farmers with livestock. 

Life in a village without any road access

The car road ends at Varland, where the "water road" across the Møsvatn lake begins. From here, it is 3 km to the furtherst farm. The lack of roads means that many locals make their living from transporting people and goods by boat or snow mobiles, in addition to tourism, hunting, fishing and farming. For those who live without roads, the water becomes the road all year round, whether or not it is open or under ice. However, during the the time when the ice melts in the spring and forms in the autumn, it can take several weeks for them to receive post or visit the shops.

With an island as the centre of the village

”The centre of Møsstrond” is Hovd Island with a church and former international boarding school (1869-2001). The school is closed, but the children in Møsstrond attend the Rauland School. The church, which is the highest located parish church in the country, is still in use. Do you want to visit the island? Take a high mountain cruise with the Fjellvåken II ferry.

Last ned turforslag & kart

Her finner du Mogen Turisthytte og Kvennavegen:

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