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Here is information about fishing opportunities and fishing licences along the National Park Route.

Fishing along the Hardangervidda National Park Route

along the National Park Route there is plenty of fishing water and fishing opportunities. Be prepared that the best fishing spots may be located a little away from the road. Trout and char are the most common fish species.

You can by a fishing licence:

  • The Tourist Offices at Rjukan and Rauland
  • Several hostels and sport shops
  • Several petrol stations 
  • In nature

Fishin licence for greater areas right next to the National Park Route:

There is no common fishing licence for the waters along the National Park Route. 

Fishing spots along the National Park Route:

Faciliated fishing spot by the E-134 across the Haukeli Mountain

More information about fishing along the Hardangervidda National Park Route: 

Fishing at Hardangervidda

The Kingdom of the Mountain Trout

Few mountain areas in the south of Norway has such a varied and rich fishing opportunities as Hardangerviddda. the variation is for both the size of the waters and rivers, and the opportunities to catch fish. Trout is the domination fish species, with a few elements of char. Hardangervidda is the largest connected high mountain plateu in the world where trout rules almost uniquely. 

Mutual fishing licence for Hardangervidda?

The opportunity for great fishing is one of the many reasons that many choose to visit Hardangervidda. Excellent fishing is often repeated in the description and stories of the "dream of the plateau". A mutual fishing licence for Hardangervidda is however far away, as there are too many freehold owners and other stakeholders involved. Nevertheless, there are good fishing opportunities across the entire plateau, often in combination with the rental of a cabin or a boat. Still, many prefer to walk in across the plateau with a tent and sleeping bag, and camp where they might find a suitable place.

Where can I buy a fishing licence?

Recreation or business?  

Fishing on Hardangervidda is today treated, as much of today's hunting activities, more as a leisure activity than necessary. The recreational value is therefore perhaps just as big as the usefulness of meat and fish. Still, there are still many who conduct business fishing in the great lakes on the plateau. This is also regarded as necessary to maintain the quality of the fishing stock.  Over-population of fish is in that regard a greater problem that excessive fishing on the plateau..

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