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Here you can watch some selected videos from Hardangervidda.

Here you can watch all the episodes in the series "A Walk on the Roof of Telemark" 

Some highlights:

Episode 1 - experience the journey with the Krossobanen cable car and Solstien (The Sun Trail), the shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda! 
Episode 2 - join on of Norway's best bicycle rides on Hardangervidda!
Episode 9 - Experience the Mogen Tourist Cabin and a boat journey with the ferry Fjellvåken on the Møsstrond lake, "Where nobody would think anyone could live"


More episodes:

Episode 3 - Are you experiencing the mountain with children? Here are many good suggestions.
Episode 4 - For you who want to see Hardangervidda from horseback 
Episode 5 - A mountain hike inspored by "No Limitations" with Lars Monsen
Episode 6 - From cabin to cabin on Hardangervidda
Episode 7 - Cooking in the mountain and a glimpse of the wild reindeer
Episode 8 - Fly fishing
Episode 10 - All the experiences of the walks on the roof of Telemark revisited

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