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See the Møsvatn lake from Skinnarbu

- A holiday by car along the Hardangervidda National Park Route - the Telemark Mountain Road

See the Møsvatn lake from Skinnarbu

Near Skinnerabu Hotel you will find one of the finest views along the mountain road between Rauland and Rjukan.

The view of water and mountain plateau 

  • Skinnerbu is reached by car

Skinnerbu is beautifully placed at the end of the Møsvatn Lake. From the square next to the hotel and the National Park Centre you will have a stunning panoramic view of the wide landcape of Møsstrond, Møsvatn and the south-westerly part of the Hardangervidda. You will sense the impressive width and breadth of the Hardangervidda.

The Møsvatn lake stretches for 4 mil into the plateau, and is one of the most important entry points to the National Park. If you take the ferry M/B Fjellvåken II you will arrive at the Mogen Tourist Cabin, which lies just inside the edge of the plateau where the river Kvenna runs into the Møsvatn lake.

From Skinnarbu you will see

In the northerly direction lies Gryteflott and the Hondle Waterfall, which is inside the protected area of the Møstvatn Austa Mountain. This environmentally protected area extends almost all the way to the Møstvatn lake. The farms along the Møsvatn are spread throughout the landscape, and several can be seen from Skinnarbu. Not all the farms are inhabited, but there are still quite a few people who live in this village year round. Møsstrond is the Norwegian mountain village with permanent inhabitants that is located this high above sea level.

Towards the west you will see the mountain range of the Hamre Mountain and the Skinn Valley towards the Bit Valley and Rauland Mountain. These areas are important for Hardangervidda, even thought it may take a while to reach the National Park from here.

The flat marshland in the west is Møsvasstangen, a tongue of land between two fjords in Møsstvatn. This area is known for being exceptionally rich in historical iron works. There is also a bird sanctuary in the area.

From Skinnarbu you will quickly arrived on foot into unspoilt nature, and if you walk south you will enter a varied landscape of marshes, valleys and summits. Here is the Bratt Mountain/Vindeggen area of wild reindeer, often called an extension of the Hardangervidda.

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