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See the Haukeli Mountain from the Haukeliseter Cabin

- A holiday by car along the Hardangervidda National Park Route - the Telemark Mountain Road

See the Haukeli Mountain from the Haukeliseter Cabin

The magnificent Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin is easily accessible and offers a stunning view. It is right next to the E-134 that crosses the Haukeli Mountain.

Haukeliseter is situated right next to the E-134, and is an ideal place to stop for a rest and a meal, indoors or outdoors. Hot food is served, and there are toilet facilities and good parking.

From the Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin you will see Ståvatn with Kistenuten and Vassdalseggi in the south, the magnificent mountain peaks covered in snow even during the summer. 

The scenic route

The road across Haukeli Mountain goes between Telemark, Ryfylke and Hardanger. The E-134, which is open year round, offers a range of rare and delightful sights during fine summer days. Large parts of the road are located above the tree line. The Haukeli Mountain has plenty of opportunities for experiencing magnificent scenery and nature. 

The historic mountain road 

People have crossed the Haukeli Mountain for ages. In its early days, it was an important route between east and west, between Telemark and the West Country. The route was used by tradesmen, cattle drovers, the King's men, outlaws, travelling musicians, horse dealer and pilgrims on their way to Røldal Church. The route is still in use, and today pilgrims follow what we call the Ålmann road, a trail of which large parts run slightly north of the E-134. The first road for cars across the Haukeli Mountain was completed in 1913. The first road to stay open year round opened in 1968.

The origin of the cabin

The Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin sprang from the first visitors who came to explore the mountain. The first mountain cabin opened as early as 1874. Its first managers, the couple Knut and Guri Haukelisæter, laid the foundation for the expansion of the Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin over a 40-year period. Since then, the mountain cabin has undergone several expansions due to the increase in traffic. Today it is owned and managed by the Stavanger Tourist Association.

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