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Nature Hikes - 4 Days

- A holiday by car along the Hardangervidda National Park Route - the Telemark Mountain Road

Solstien (The Sun Trail) - the shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda

Nature Hikes - 4 Days

If you enjoy mountain hikes and nature, this holiday by car is for you.

Enjoy nature hikes in the mountain on this holiday by car. All the trails are marked and have clear and visible starting points. There is parking.

Some highlights:


All the hikes are recommended from 1st June to the end of September.

Some hikes have a slightly longer season, and are often free of snow from the middle of May until the middle of October: Solstien (The Sun Trail), Te-hytta and a hike along the river at Haukeli Mountain.

Map of the travel route: Notodden - the Haukeli Mountain

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Day  1: Heddal Stave Church - Gaustablikk

The journey distancce from - to Km / Time
Heddal - Stavsro (Gaustatoppen) 49 / 50 min
Via: Heddal – Sauland E134 17 km, Sauland – Stavsro FV 651 34 km    
Stavrso (Gaustatoppen) - Gaustablikk 9 / 15min
Via: Stavsro - Svineroi FV 651 5 km, Svineroi - Gaustablikk Kvitåvatnvegen 4 km    
Total day 1 58 / 1hour5 min

Beautiful nature from Tuddal to Rjukan

Start the day early and prepare for a hike at Gaustatoppen! From Heddal, follow the E-134 to Sauland, where you take the exit in the direction of Tuddal, Gaustatoppen and Rjukan. You will turn onto a mountain road with many wonderful views. 

Gaustatoppen - see one-sixth of Norway!

Today, the journey goes to one of Norway's most beautiful mountains, Gaustatoppen (1883 metres)! The hike is 8,6 km return journey and takes approximately 5 hours without breaks. This is the hike with views above all others! The summit has a magnificent view from where, on a clear day, you can see one-sixth of Norway. 

Gaustatoppen - hike description and map. 

Accommodation at Gaustablikk and Rjukan

Day 2 Gaustablikk - Rauland

Gaustablikk – Svineroi Kvitåvatnvegen 4 km / 8 min

Svineroi - Dale FV 651 8 km / 10 min

Dale – Krossobanen RV 37 7 km / 10 min

Krossobanen - Rauland sentrum RV 37 45 km / 45 min

Rauland sentrum - Raulandsgrend RV 362 5 km / 5 min

Raulandsgrend - Falkeriset Kromvikvegen 11 km / 25 min

Totalt, dag 2: 80 km / 1 t 40 min

Solstien (The Sun Trail) - the shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda

Start the day with an easy, family-friendly hike with views of Hardangervidda and Gaustatoppen. The stone steps built by Sherpas from Nepal provides a unique experience. The hike starts at the top of Krossobanen (the cable car), and is 4,3 km long. In total, it takes about 1,5 hours. Solstien (The Sun Trail) - hike description and map

The Mountain Road to Rauland

After a splendid hike along Solstien (The Sun Trail), take the road that twists upwards toward Rauland and the Møsvatn lake. There are many fine observation points on the mountain road to Rauland where you will see the Møsvatn lake and Hardangervidda. You will find one of the most splendid views at Skinnarbu, where you can drive to the hotel and climb to the top of the stairs of the National Park Centre. Enjoy a wide view and the wind in your hair!  From here, continue through the centre of Rauland in the direction of Haukeli. Take the exit from the main road at Raulandsgrend, and drive for approximately 11 km on Kromvikvegen to the parking area by the starting point for the hike to Falkeriset.

Falkeriset - stone steps to a 360 degree view

One of Rauland's best mountain hikes has become even better! Over a few weeks in 2011 and 2012, Sherpas from Nepal paved the trail with stones up to the observation point on Falkeriset. From the top, you will see Hardangervidda, and the Møsvatn lake towards Gaustatoppen.

Accommodation at Rauland

Day 3 Rauland - Haukeli Mountain

Rauland sentrum - Te-hytta rv 362 7 km / 7 min

Te-hytta - Haukeli RV 362 + E-134 33 km / 30 min

Haukeli - Arbuvollen Fjellbutikk E-134 17 km/ 14 min

Totalt, dag 3: 57 km / 51 min

The Te-Cabin - a short journey to the view!

From Rauland, continue along the fv 362 in the direction of Haukeli. Approximately 2 km after Rauland Church, along the main road, you will find the parking area for the hike to the Te-Cabin. This is a short, steep hike up the Rauland Mountain, where you will find the magnificent view of the Totak lake and Rauland.

The road along the lake

From here you continue along the winy, but charming road to Edland/Haukeli. From the car window you will see great nature along the way, such as small villages, old farms and steep hillsides around the Totak lake. From Haukeli, continue westards.

Stroll along the River on Haukeli Mountain

Take a break at Arbuvollen Mountain Shop approximately 16 km west of the centre of Haukeli for a short stroll along the river and lake. The walk is 1,3 km long and adapted to children's buggies, and 500 metres is accessible by wheelchair with assistance. There are tables, benches and a barbeque grill set up along the waterfront that invites to a meal break. A perfect stroll for children and grandparents! 

Accommodation at Vågslid and the Haukeli Mountain

Day 4 Haukeliseter

Arbuvollen Mountain Shop - Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin E-134 11 km / 10 min

Total day 4 11 km/ 10 min

Mountain hike from Haukeliseter

The Haukeliseter Mountain Cabin is a great observation point right next to the E-134. The area around the cabin is popular for hikes, and there are many fine trails, long and short. Here are hike suggestions for Haukeliseter.  

Utsikt fra Te-hytta, Rauland

Along the river with a children's buggy in Vågslid

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