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The National Park

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The Hardangervidda National Park Centre at Skinnarbu

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The National Park

Do you want to know more about the inner core of Hardangervidda National Park? Read this.

  • Hardangervidda is the larges mountain plateu in Europe. 
  • The inner core of Hardangervidda is the largest National Park in Scandinavia(excluding Svalbard)   

Hardangervidda National Park is the largest National Park in mainland Norway. The parks 3422 km2 is spread over the counties Hordaland, Buskerud and Telemark. In the west the National Park includes areas in the municipalities of Odda, Ullensvang and  Eidfjord. In the east the municipalities of Hol and Nore go Uvdal. In the southeast the municipalities in Tinn and Vinje. The National Par was established in 1981, about half of the land is private.

National Park Centres 

There are two National Park centers for Hardangervidda National Park:

On Skinnarbu you also find Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre South, a centre working with conservation and sustainably management of the wild reindeer and the wild reindeer areas in Norway.

Why is Hardangervidda a National Park?  

The purpose of establishing Hardangervidda Nationl Park, was according to the protection regulations: (..)to protect a section of a very valuable high mountain area in a way where the natural landscape with the vegetation, animal life, natural- and cultural heritage and the cultural enviroment otherwise is protected at the same time as the area is used for farming, environmentally friendly outdoor life and natural experiences, fishing, hunting, teaching and research."   

Secure the living areas of the wild reindeer

An importan intention with Hardangervidda National Park was to secure living areas for the stock of the wild reindeer - the largest in Europe. At Hardangervidda the wild reindeer still follow its seasonal migrating routes without to much hazard. Hardangervidda is seen as the southernmost limit for arctic plants and animals, like the arctic fox and the snowy owl. Within the boarder of the National part a rich flora and an animal- and birdlife rich in species. Hardangervidda is also well known for its many good fishing water.

 Map Hardangrvidda National Park.

Surrounding landscape protection areas.

Two landsape protection areas are on the boarder of the national park. Møsvatn Austfjell landscape protection area and Skaupsjøen/Hardangerjøkulen landscape protection area. Within the boarders of Hardangervidda one also find Bjoreidalen nature reserve in Eidfjord municipality,  

  landskapsvernområde. Innenfor grensene til det som vanligvis regnes som yttergrensene for Hardangervidda, finner vi Bjoreidalen naturreservat i Eidfjord kommune, Bjortjønnn bird protection area og Møsvasstangen landscape protection area  with bird preservation in Vinje municipality. Hondle bird protection area  in Tinn municipality. Brattefjell-Vindeggen landscape protection area is also close to Hardangervidda.

What is a National Park Municipality? 

In connection to protection areas in Norway one wind National Park Municipalities. Around Hardangervidda the municipalities Vinje, Tinn, Nore og Uvdal, Hol and Odda National Park Municipalities. Geilo is a National Park Village. 

A National Park Municipality is: 

  • A municipality where at least 30 % of the area, or 300 km2 is protected as a national park, or entire national park within the municipalities borders. 
  • The municipality is in an cooperation with other municipalities working on information about national parks/faciliation/tourism with other municipalities with a national park area or the municipality has a state authorized National Park Centre.     

What is a National Park Village

a natural gateway to a national park.
give information about traveling in the national park.
is offering basic service functions.
has a clear and implentet enviromental  profile reflecting in the villages development. 

There are five NAtional PArk villages in Norway. Geilo National Park Village is in connection with Hardangervidda- and Hallingskarvet National Park. The other villages are  Vingelen, Lom, Jondal og Storslett.

Hardangervidda nasjonalpark:

Sol og vindstille i Skandinavias* største nasjonalpark *(utenom Svalbard)

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