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Solstien (The Sun Trail)

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Solstien (The Sun Trail)

Try the shortcut from Rjukan to Hardangervidda! Cable car from Rjukan to Gvepseborg (5 min) and Solstien (The Sun Trail) to Hardangervidda (4,3 km).

This journey begins at 300 metres above sea level and ends at the Snau Mountain at 1100 metres. The entire trip takes approximately 2 hours.

Begin with a delightful aerial cable car ride and enjoy the stunning views of Rjukan and Gaustatoppen. You can continue your journey from the top cable car station at Gvepseborg on foot or by bicycle to Kalhovd.

Solstien (the Sun Trail) starts at Gvepseborg, and it is the shortest route from Rjukan to Hardangervidda. Sherpas from Nepal have crafted the beautiful stone steps to a plateau with magnificent views of the landscape, where you can also see the remains of a German canon emplacement from the Second World War.

How to get to Krossobanen (cable car) and Solstien (The Sun Trail)

The lower cable car station is located 2 km west of the centre of Rjukan. It is open every day all year round, and it takes 5 minutes from this station at Rjukan to Gvepseborg at 886 metres. Cable car timetable 

From the centre of Rjukan: follow the rv 37 in the direction of Rauland. After approximately 2 km (from the Tourist Office), take the right-hand exit towards Krossobanen (the cable car). Follow the road to the parking area. Free parking. Take the cable car up to Gvepseborg and the Solstien's starting point.  

This is where you will find Krossobanen and Solstien (the Sun Trail):

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