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Mogen, Møsstrond and The Fjellvåken Ferry

-Welcome to the Hardangervidda National Park!  

Mogen, Møsstrond and The Fjellvåken Ferry

A ferry journey through a mountain village, with no road access, to the foot of Hardangervidda. Allocate one or more days to this amazing experience in nature!

Try a high mountain ferry cruise on the Møsvatn lake to the Mogen Tourist Cabin by Hardangervidda! 

The ferry Fjellvåken goes between Skinnarbu and Mogen during the summer season. Along the Møsvatn lake there are still working farms without road access. Enjoy a traditional lunch at Mogen, and stroll along the Kvennavegen, or spend the night.

The Mogen Tourist Cabin is a popular starting point for day hikes, and longer hikes from cabin to cabin across the Hardangervidda. You will find more information about these hikes at UT.no

How get to Fjellvåken and Mogen

The Fjellvåken ferry departs from Skinnarbu next to the rv 37, halfway between Rauland and Rjukan. It departs to Mogen every day during the summer season from June to September. The Fjellvåken timetable.

From the centre of Rauland: follow the rv 37 in the direction of Rjukan. After 26,5 km, take the left-hand exit towards the dock at Skinnarbu. There is a large parking area at the dock. Parking is paid in cash. From here, take the Fjellvåken ferry to the Mogen Tourist Cabin.

The ferry route from Skinnarbu (A) to the Mogen Tourist Cabin (B):

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