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Atrå - Kalhovd

-Welcome to the Hardangervidda National Park!  

Atrå - Kalhovd

Hardangervidda by car on the road to the plateau from the south-east (32 km).

Enjoy the stunning view of Hardangervidda

The road from Atrå through Gauset and the Breiset Valley leads to one of the most diverse mountain areas on the eastern side of Hardangervidda. The road was constructed at the same time as the expansion of the electricity grid during the first half of the 20th Century.

Along the route you will see the magnificent plateau unfold in several directions. You are invited to stop and read about the history of the area on one of the information board, or embark on a short hike.

Kalhovd and Mårbu are tourist cabins in the area, and popular starting points for longer hikes from cabin to cabin across Hardangervidda. Click on UT.no for more information.

There are excellent hunting and fishing opportunities in the area. Click on Maarfjell Sameige for more information.

Be considerate of the seasonal reindeer hunt

There are many hunters in the area during the annual reindeer hunt from the 20th August to the 30th September. Out of consideration for the hunt, which is important for the management of the wild reindeer herds, travel in the area is restricted during the hunting season. We therefore recommend that you stay within the marked footpaths during the season.

In order to avoid disturbing the hunt, we recommend these activities during the hunting season: 

  • Follow the trail to Rikulvhola
  • See Hardangervidda from the main road between Steinsbøle and Kalhovd by car, bicycle or on foot

Road closed during the winter

The road from Steinsbøle to Kalhovd opens in the middle of June and closes at first snow, usually in October.

How to get to Kalhovd

  • From the centre of Rjukan: follow the rv 37 in the direction of Atrå. After 15 km you will arrive at Mæl. Take the exit in the direction of Atrå and Austbygd. Follow the road for 12 km to Atrå, and take the left-hand exit to Steinsbøle and Kalhovd. Remember to have money handy for the road toll (cash/card).

The road from Atrå (A) to Kalhovd (B):

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