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Bird Life

-Welcome to the Hardangervidda National Park!  

You will find over 120 species of birds on Hardangervidda. 10 of these are birds of prey. Here you can read more about some of these birds. 

Grouse is the most common bird of Hardangervidda and is found everywhere, but its numbers vary greatly from year to year. 

The golden eagle is the largest bird on Hardangervidda, and it reigns at the top of the food chain.

Why the the gyrfalcon also is known as the "grouse falcon."

If you have seen a falcon on the Hardangervidda, chances are that it is a kestrel or a merlin.

If it is a year with abundant rodents on Hardangervidda, there is a good chance to spot a buzzard or an eared owl. 

The crane is a particularly large bird with a wingspan of up to 2,2 metres. 

The cry of the black-throated loon on a mountain lake at night is unforgettable. 

If you go for a hike on Hardangervidda, you cannot avoid seeing the golden plover.

The European robin

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